New Blog Design

For the past three years this blog has has featured the same basic design. Header, sidebar, content, footer. Simple, classic, kind of ... homely. Today I decided to give a new design a whirl, and if you're reading this on the website you can see what's changed.

Old Bugsplat Design

Essentially I've removed the sidebar in favor of a clean header and footer. I've also condensed several pages onto a comprehensive About page. The colors are basically the same, although I've brightened up the background a bit. The biggest change by far has been switching from some random two-column css layout I found somewhere on the internet to a design based on Twitter Bootstrap. I used a tool called Bootstrap ThemeRoller to customize the colors and fonts and then made a few remarkably small changes to the markup and here we are.

See any weirdness or bugs, or want to offer some criticism, constructive or not? Email me or Tweet at me.

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