Another Tiny Webapp

Literally ten minutes after hitting the publish button on my last post I took a little tumble and broke a rather important bone in my back, and now I'm on medical leave from work for awhile.

That doesn't stop me from doing fun things, though, so this morning I cooked up a tiny webapp using Sinatra, DataMapper, and Bootstrap that will help me keep track of when I take painkillers. It's called Painkiller Jane after the comic book character.

There's not much interesting going on here to be honest. Basically it's just one database table and an in-app configuration hash that lays out what pills are available, their dosage, and their cooldown period. I can click the buttons when the cooldown is over, but when it's not they tell me what time I can take the next dose.

The only other feature that I might add is a lockout so that it helps me manage which pill to take when because I'm alternating tylenol and advil.

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