Adding RSS and Other Things

Someone at work today demanded that I add an RSS feed, so here you go: atom. It didn't take very much to hack it in. Basically, all I had to do was install a few more CPAN modules, specifically DateTime::Format::Natural, DateTime::Format::W3CDTF, and finally XML::Atom::SimpleFeed. The first two are so I can put natural-looking dates in my entries and still be able to get full-fledged DateTime objects out of them, and the second is to save me the pain of writing out the Atom format's preferred datetime format. Also, I get neat date formatting in blog entires almost for free with the CLDR syntax.

Another thing to notice: File::Slurp instead of my own read_file_contents and write_file_contents. It works just as well as mine, except it's more sensitive to list vs scalar context.

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