About the Author

Pete Keen is a software developer who has built half a dozen different Stripe and Rails integrations over the past few years. He's been professionally developing software for seven years, most recently for a web game platform named Kongregate.


Thank you to my wife Emily for putting up with this wacky project. Thanks to Nathan Barry for writing Authority and inspiring me to write in the first place. Matt Vanderpol sent in dozens of spelling and grammar corrections, content ideas, and bug reports and was overall an awesome resource. Finally, thank you to all of the people who preordered and sent me questions and comments.


This book is typeset using Merriweather for body text, Lato for headers, and Inconsolata for code, all from Google Web Fonts. Initial production happened in Emacs using Markdown for basic formatting. Final production uses a toolchain involving Rake and Docverter, the author's open source document conversion service.

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